• A Fresh Start

    by  • 14 August, 2013

    This is going to be my last post on Lawfully Wedded Wife. I’m not quitting blogging! I’m just making a fresh start. My new blog is called A Dash of Soul. The content will be similar, but better! If you are subscribed to my RSS feed, follow me on Bloglovin’ or Feedly or anything...

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    Fun and Fireworks

    by  • 10 August, 2013

    On Friday I picked up my younger siblings from my parents’ house and brought them to our place for an epic sleepover extravaganza while by BFF is still in town. Since we got lucky with some really nice weather, we spent a lot of time at the pool!   I LOVE the pool at...

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    Dinner’s at My House!

    by  • 6 August, 2013

                Dinner was at our place tonight for the first time since we moved to Atlanta! On the menu: Pollo en Fricase, Rice and beans, fresh corn salad, and fried sweet plantains.           Kenny sat under the table the whole time wishing he could have...

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    Raw Breakfast Bowl

    by  • 5 August, 2013


    I haven’t had a lazy morning in months, and so I’ve been catching up with lotsss of them in a row since we took the bar exam. It’s amazing. Maybe I’ll even re-discover what a weekend is, too. Even though I have plenty of time to make breakfast in the mornings now, I still...

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    Sweet Relief

    by  • 4 August, 2013

    I am extremely happy to report to you that the bar exam is officially BEHIND me. Well…at least for now. After months of grueling studying and stress (far worse than anything I experienced in law school), I am so glad to be back to normal life. What with law school ending/graduating/working/moving/getting a dog I’ve...

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    Greek Yogurt Cornbread

    by  • 27 July, 2013

    You may notice a slight difference in these pictures from what I normally post. I’m a magician! No, not really. My dad, along with being a generally awesome person, happens to be a professional photographer! It’s true. And my mom is a professional baker/all-around great cook. The two of them, knowing that I have...

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    by  • 24 July, 2013


    One week from now, I’ll be sitting for the Georgia bar exam. To say that I’m freaking out would be the understatement of the century a slight understatement. If this was law school, I’d be baking a loaf of bread or some cupcakes, taking some nice pictures, and blogging about it to relieve the...

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    End of the Roller Coaster

    by  • 20 July, 2013


    I can probably spare you the apologies and explanations for why I haven’t been around lately. Most of you know that I’m taking the bar exam (the notorious 2-day test spanning over a dozen areas of law that determines whether or not I become a licensed attorney) a week from Wednesday. Unlike wedding planning...

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    10 Delicious Salads for Summer

    by  • 12 July, 2013


    As the temperature climbs you’re probably joining me in the desire to move away from the stove and oven as much as possible. This is the time of year when I start craving salads, but the standbys can get boring. Here are some ideas that I’ve shared over the years! Summer Kale Salad: Mexican...

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    Brunch at General Muir

    by  • 6 July, 2013


    Happy weekend! I hope some of you are enjoying some free time on my behalf, because our weekend will consist of studying. This morning we decided that we should treat ourselves to a nice breakfast to start the weekend out right. Nothing is better for morale than an amazing meal at the start of...

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